Our grooming is one pet at a time. No cages or kennels here. Each pet gets our groomer’s one on one attention for a relaxed, stress-free visit.

Dog Bath and Brush: Includes a Hydrosurge massage bath with a premium shampoo and conditioner, blowdry, brushout, ear cleaning and plucking, nail clipping, and external anal glad expression (upon request)

  • Small Dog – up to 19lbs            $30
  • Medium Dogs – 20-39lbs         $40
  • Large Dogs – 40-60lbs              $45
  • X-Large Dogs – 61lbs-85lbs     $50
  • XX-Large Dogs – 85lbs+          $60+

Dog Full Groom: Everything listed in the bath as well as a de-shed treatment to help minimize shedding or a full haircut styled to your preference or breed standard, and nail grinding

  • Small Dog – up to 19lbs            $55+
  • Medium Dogs – 20-39lbs         $65+
  • Large Dogs – 40-60lbs              $75+
  • X-Large Dogs – 61-85lbs          $85+
  • XX-Large Dogs – 85lbs+          $100+

Cat Bath (no haircut) Monday & Sunday Only

  • Bath     $65
  • Nails    $12


Add Ons

Refreshing Spa Package: $12, Skin soothing oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, scent of the month, teeth brushing with enzymatic paste and a stylish bandana

Invigorating Spa Package: $15, Everything in refreshing package plus brightening blueberry facial and a paw soothing massage with Natural Dog Company salve

Invigorating Spa Package + Nail Grinding: $22

Blueberry Facial                                 $5

Teeth Brushing                                   $7

Flea Shampoo*                                   $15

Ear Cleaning                                       $10

External Anal Gland Expression    $12

Nail Clipping or Grinding                $12 small dog, $15 large dog

Brush Out                                            $10 for 10 mins, $20 for 20 mins, $30 for 30 mins

Flea and Tick Preventative              Prices Vary, we carry Advantage II, K9 Advantix II, and Frontline


Or feel free to call us directly at (619) 795-0555. Thank you!


* Flea & Tick shampoo is a mandatory service if they are found to be present on your pet

* Please note: Extra charges may apply if there is excessive matting or undercoat. Increased rates are based on mild to severe matting at $1 a minute. Groomer can discuss all options with customer prior to grooming (including options for grooming hard to handle, aggressive and geriatric dogs and cats).

Buddies and Babes does require a small deposit at time of appointment booking. No-call/no-shows seriously hurt our small family business. The credit will be put toward your grooming appointment. Should you need to cancel, as long as it is within 24 hours before your appointment, the deposit will be refunded or we can credit towards a future grooming appointments. Should you no show or cancel last minute, the deposit will not be refunded or credited. 


Self-service dog wash is also available. For a fraction of what it costs for a full-grooming, at only $15.00 for dogs under 30 pounds and $18 for dogs over 30 pounds, our self-service dog wash offers a convenient, affordable and speedy way to get your dog looking and smelling it’s best. We don’t believe in charging for “upgrades” and our price includes the use of all of our top-quality shampoos, conditioners and towels. No appointment necessary! Stop in today or call us at (619) 795-0555 to see if there’s a wait, if so we will be happy to write your name down on our wait-list.

• Hydrosurge System with Inject Air Technology

• No Hand-Scrubbing Required (70% faster than traditional washing)

• Top Quality Shampoos and Conditioners Included

• Temperature Controlled Water



yelp reviews

Buddies and Babes is the best. I used to live here in Kensington but moved to Chula Vista. I still drive up to get my dog groomed here! I buy there dog food here too. If your pet doesn’t like the food they gladly take it back with receipt and original bag even if half the bag is gone!

The groomers here actually know what they are doing!!! A bit pricier than your average pet store but this little shop deserves its 5 stars. They’ve earned it!

Customer service is great!

PRO TIP: They have parking behind their store just in case you can’t find it on Adams Ave! Just head into the alley in back and there are 6 spots (tandem) in back!

Bronze K.
 Rolando, San Diego, CA

My fur baby had such a bad experience at PetSmart so we really wanted to find a good place for him to get a haircut and a bath and we found it here! We were really happy with his haircut and he smelled so good and got his blueberry facial. He’s sensitive with his nails but they were able to get most of his nails which any other groomer would tell us we’d have to take him to the vet to get his nails done. We’re so happy to have found someone so patient with our dog. We’ll definitely be back, thank you!

Lauren-Ashley S.
 Chula Vista, CA

We wanted a nice grooming for our Sheepadoodle in our neighborhood. We were very pleased with the result. Our Sheepadoodle cane gone happy, clean, with a cute little cut. On our walks, dog people ask me where we go to groom our Sheila. The pricing is fair, too. We highly recommend Buddies and Babes.

Rosalie K.
 San Diego, CA

This place has quickly become my favorite pet store for my pup. Every time I have visited I have experienced the best customer service and today’s visit was no different – I went in to get my dog’s nails trimmed without an appointment. The employee at the front desk kindly informed me that they usually require appointments so I of course apologized and started to leave but the groomer quickly let me know she’d be happy to squeeze us in!

On top of their superb customer service, their store always has the best and highest quality food, toys and essentials for your pet. I highly recommend that you stop by!

Brenda L.
 San Diego, CA

I have been taking my little white dog to Jamie at Buddies and Babes for grooming for several months now. Hugo is not an easy dog to groom, and Jamie does a wonderful job with him. She is patient and caring and when she is done with him he looks great! I especially appreciate the fact that she works on one dog at a time. Hugo gets stressed when there are a lot of other dogs around – as my daughter says, he is my “special snowflake”. For everyone out there who has their own “special snowflake”, I recommend Jamie – and the other folks who work there are very helpful as well.

Bridget G.
 San Francisco, CA

This is the pet store I’ve been looking for. I have a cat who is a typically picky eater, so I went in to see what varieties of dry kibble they had. Wow! Everything from albacore to venison (sorry no yak or zebra). Same wide variety in wet foods. Also grooming supplies, toys (peacock feathers for only a dollar!), treats, pill pockets…that’s all I can remember. Plus an equally great variety of treats and food for dogs. The best part, for me, was that it’s a very welcoming store and the two women working there knew their stuff. Quite helpful and low-key. I usually avoid sales people (I’m pretty introverted), but these women were so easy to talk to. They also offer packaged samples of food at no charge, and free delivery in the area. I can see where that would be a plus if you have a couple of big dogs, or are just swamped for time.

Anne L.
 San Diego, CA