About Us

Dearest Customers:

After more than 13 years of business in the Kensington community it is with heavy hearts and much sadness that we are announcing our brick and mortar store closure. We love the store and we love you all. Those of you who have gotten to know us and our staff personally, know this. We didn’t want to close our retail store and we exhausted every possible option, down to the last minute. Unfortunately, an option that would work out for our business and our family has not presented itself at this time. However, over the past several months we have built up an e-commerce site (click “shop online now” on navigation menu above) that many of you are using, thank you! If you haven’t checked out the site, please do! We intend to continue building our online presence and hope you will follow us via our website and through our e-newsletter (you can sign up by clicking eNewsletter Sign Up on navigation menu above).

Both the Kensington Pet Supply and Buddies & Babes retail stores and all our furry and not-so-furry customers, brought us much joy and love. We want to thank all of you who have supported and shopped at our store (and other local businesses!) throughout the years. It’s been a spectacular experience, thank you!! We set out to provide you with the very best service and products available and we hope we were able to accomplish that for you. We will miss being there, seeing your beautiful faces and we cherish the time we shared, the memories we’ve made – the laughter, joy and tears.

Our goal was to build a business that aided in strengthening the connection between human and animal and that goal dictated what we would/wouldn’t do or products we would/wouldn’t sell. That purpose of strengthening bonds will continue. This is not the end of Buddies & Babes, rather we hope the beginning of a re-imagination. The love we received, the animal and human relationships that have been strengthened and the love of family is what will compel the business forward. We thank you for your commitment to caring for your furry family members, for supporting our local family-owned business, and for just being super-duper cool.

Unfortunately, making the necessary changes means we won’t be able to help you with your in-store pet food or grooming service needs any longer. We will continue building out our online store and look forward to remaining available to you, our customers, from that helpful (especially during these times) place called cyber-space. We hope you will continue on this journey with us.

With all gratitude and much love,

Liana and Rich and the Buddies & Babes Team

"Nurture and Nourish"