About Us


Thank you for visiting our website! Our brick and mortar store is located at 4071 Adams Ave. in the charming, historic San Diego community of Kensington. Please note that we will be launching our online store soon for your shopping pleasure and convenience.

Opened this year 2017, Buddies and Babes is the brain-child of the Reid family who adopted their dog in 2006, had their first daughter in 2014 and a second daughter in the summer of 2016. Buddies and Babes is the 6th member of the family!

"Nurture and Nourish"

Buddies and Babes exists to provide pet parents and parents of infants and toddlers a carefully selected assortment of innovative, high-quality products for their furry and not-so-furry loved ones. Our mission is to improve the lives of pets, children and their parents (especially parents-to-be) by sharing what we have learned over the years about healthy pet foods, safe grooming products, toys and more. We are so excited and thankful to be able to contribute to the over-all health and well-being of your children and animals and our promise to you is to only stock products that we know are high quality, useful, safe and healthy!
To nourishing and nurturing our Buddies and Babes,
The Reids